Videowall Controller


Video wall controllers are the best method for the controlling and playing between inputs and outputs in large screen systems such as video walls and other digital display installations. The controllers enables the connectors to form a proper connectivity between input signals and the suitable outputs for the display of the source content to the connected large screen display or video walls.

In other way the Video wall controller facilitates to create a large interconnected Desktop from all source display modules in a video wall so that the user can play the various sourced displays and windows as input on large screen desktop as output in any size and anywhere on the wall.

We have two categories in Video wall controller that is Windows-based video wall controller and Embedded video wall controller.



Video wall controllers make managing content and information across multiple screens easy. And we redefine how and where you access that data, who you share it with, and how you display it.

We have support for stand-alone video wall controllers; these controllers can simply connect to HDMI or DVI sources and provide a video wall in little or no time at all.

Our video wall controller perfectly enables displaying any type of video and data sources on any display configuration in an enterprise environment; for this we have many configurations of video wall which can provide all types customized solutions according to the requirement.

Advantages of the DT 4000 Series