Embedded Multi-screen Controller


TMC4100-5 is a pure hardware architecture, without operating system and high-performance video image processor. It has a multi-windows Splicing function which can capture multiple dynamic pictures to display on different screen. In addition, it also controls different screens and resolutions flexibly.

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To ensure all signal real-time processing , data consistency and High quality real-time image, TMC4100-5 carries a large-capacity and high-speed FPGA array and Cross Point digital multi-bus routing and switching data processing mechanism.

TMC4100-5 supports these signals, such as CVBS, VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc.It has two configurations. One is standard configuration that supports Ultra-high resolution static base map. The other is high-level configuration that can be accessed Ultra-high resolution dynamic base map. Moreover, Single output channel supports up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60Hz resolution. Maximum output channels support 128 display units.

Cabinet Appearance 19"Standard Shelves Case
3U 440(L)×300(W)×135(H)mm
8U 440(L)×300(W)×356(H)mm
12U 440(L)×430(W)×534(H)mm
24U 440(L)×450(W)×1068(H)mm
Operating Environment Temperature 0ºC - 40ºC non condensing
Humidity 10 - 90%
Altitude Under 3500m
Electrical Requirements Control Protocol Serial Port Protocol, Network Protocol
Operating Mode Standard RS-232, Distant Network Control
Standard Power 700W
Voltage Input 220V AC
Horizontal Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Operating Mode 3U 300W
8U 700W
12U 700W
24U 1400W
  1. CrossPoint switching technology, Signal image full real-time display that can reach 60 frames per second.
  2. FPGA architecture,high starting speed (5s), no crashes, hardware conflict, blue screen , a computer virus and Operate continuously up to 365×24 hrs.
  3. Hot swap card design realizes card can be switched timely.
  4. Multi- screens can splice flexibly , single screen can open 4 windows, Maximum outputs up to 128 displayed units.
  5. Multiple sets of different resolution video wall control, screen roaming, multi-split screen display, screen zoom, screen any overlay, picture cropping, images can be enlarged; the picture is abnormal correction, etc.
  6. Seamless switch, redundant power supply heat backups, save and read scenes,high-resolution base map can be stored in advance, Character superposition function.
  7. Support user rights management, video wall joint control, matrix switcher and remote network control.
RGB Signal Input Maximum Inputs 72
Signal Type VGA, RGB, DVI, HDMI
Maximum Resolution 1920&imes;1200@60HZ
Interface Type VGA(HD-15), DVI-I
Video Signal Input Maximum Inputs 288
Signal Type Compound Video, YPbPr, SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI
Maximum Resolution 1920×1080p@60HZ
Interface Type BNC, YPbPr
Format Input NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Graph Display Function Maximum Inputs 72
Signal Type DVI
Memory 512M of per Channel
Color Depth 32 of per Pixel
Resolution 640×480 - 1920×1200@60HZ
Interface Type DVI-I, VGA(HD-15)