Government Agency

To ensure the livelihood, the responsibility of the government needs to be implemented comprehensively, as the Party is established to serve the interest of the public and its people. Nowadays, with the continuous request of openness and transparency over government affairs, it is becoming increasingly prominent for the government to initiate the information construction. It is a prerequisite for the government to grasp all aspects of information constantly, and it also guarantees the timely and accurate implementation of the government’s functions and responsibilities as well.

According to the particularity of various government departments, Triolion Tech creates the most suitable intelligent digital display wall system, composed of full real-time signal display, digital distribution, digital processing, arbitrary superposition of various real-time signals, stable video images and stable embedded structure, which guarantees the stable operation of the machine for a long time. The system has been widely applied in many fields, which conforms to the people-oriented governing policy, including emergency command, city security command meteorological phenomena,environmental protection, etc.