Embedded Multi-screen Controller


TMC6000 multi-screen controller adopts pure hardware system architecture. It processes images with the use of fast internal bus and FPGA, leading to the quick start, stable function, and real-time displaying of the image signal.

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TMC6000 controller can be used to splice applicative images from different LANs, multi-channel real-time video and RGB signals. Projection unit can display multi-screen image directly, without the need for A/D or D/A signal processing, which helps to ensure the high quality of the screen by reducing the signal delay and jitter.

Cabinet Appearance 19"Standard Shelves Case
Power Supply Standard Industrial Power
4U 596(L)×422(W)×176(H)mm
6U 485(L)×483(W)×266(H)mm
Operating Environment Temperature 0ºC - 40ºC non condensing
Humidity 10 - 90%
Altitude Under 3500m
Electrical Requirements Voltage Input 220V AC
Horizontal Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption 300-600W
Software Support Operation System Windows XP In Chinese
Control Software VScreen 4000
Long distance IP Window Long Distant IP Window Software
Computer configuration CPU Dual-core to strong(can expand to 2 at most)
System Memory Double channel DDR2667 2G(expand to 8G at most)
Hard Disk 500G
CD-ROM 16-52× DVD
Network Interface 2 (10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45interface)
Serial port parallel USB 2
  1. Adopt module design, Change different functional modules to reduce customer budget.
  2. Adopt Professional industrial computer based on Based on 64-bit PCI-X interfaces to improve system reliability.
  3. Real-time RGB and video inputs´╝îsupport maximum 128 channels of video and 16 channels of RGB, open and roam windows randomly.
  4. Adopt two independent, full-duplex and high-speed data channel.
  5. FPGA of Pure hardware can reach some processes such as Zoom image, etc.
  6. Adopt advanced technology of image acquisition and zooming algorithm.
RGB Real Time RGB Input Standard Inputs 4
Maximum Inputs 16
Maximum RGB windows in One screen 16
Biggest Resolution 1600×1200@60HZ
Interface Type DVI-I
Video Signal Input Maximum Video Windows in One Screen 32
Interface Type NTSC/PAL/SECAM
Interface Type BNC
Graphical Display Function Memory Each Channel 64M
Maximum Outputs 64
Resolution 640×480 - 1600×1200@60HZ
Interface Type DVI-I, VGA(HD-15)