VGA Series Matrix

VGA/B with Audio Matrix Switcher

VGA/B series matrix switcher is the high-performance intelligent matrix switcher specially designed for displaying and switching computer signals, high resolution RGB signals and audio signals.

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TMX-VGA series matrix switcher is specially designed to switch and distribute VGA and HDTV signals, which can switch one or more signals to multiple output channels. It is widely used in various occasions, such as Radio & Television, video wall system, remote television and telephone conference and multi-media conference room.

Video Signal Format VGA(UXGA), RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, RsGsBs or HDTV ①
Resolution Maximum 1600×1200
Video Signal Input/Output Resist 75Ω
Video Signal Level 0.7Vp-p (R/G/B), 1Vp-p(Y), 0.3Vp-p (C/PbPr/CbCr)
Video Signal Voltage Range ±1.5V
Insertion Gain 0dB
Video Signal Band Width 250M(-3dB)
Reflection Loss -50dB @ 5MHz (D15input port), -34dB @ 5MHz (D15output port)
Three Color Isolation 85dB @ 5MHz (input end), 58dB @5MHz (output end)
Sync Signal Input Impedance 510Ω
Sync Signal Outnput Impedance 75Ω
Sync Signal Voltage 5V
Audio Video
Audio Video Signal Double Track Non Balance, Double Track Balance
Resistance Input>10kΩ, DC Coupling Ou 600Ω(Non Balance), 1.2kΩ(balance), DC Coupling
Audio video signal voltage range ±10V
Insert gain Non Balance Output:0dB, Balance Output:+6dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-25kHz, ±0.05dB
Size(W×H×D) TMX-VGA4×4: 1.5U,482mm×300mm×66mm
TMX-VGA8×4: 2U,482mm×300mm×88mm
TMX-VGA8×8: 2U,482mm×300mm×88mm
TMX-VGA16×8: 3U,482mm×300mm×132mm
TMX-VGA16×16: 4U,482mm×300mm×176mm
TMX-VGA32×16: 4U,482mm×300mm×176mm
TMX-VGA32×32: 5U,482mm×300mm×220mm
  1. Power outage protection, preserve the operating status before shutdown
  2. Support RS-232 interface, provide communication protocol and demonstration program for online use.
Serial Port RS-232, 9Pin Port, 2-TX, 3-RX, 5-GND
Control Protocol 9600 Baud, 8-Bit, 1Spot Bit, No Rectify Bit
Input Voltage 220V(±20%)/50Hz
Consumption 35W-55W
Switching Time 200ns
State Memory Four States Availability
Control Mode Use Button in Front Board
RS-232 Remote Control
Infrared Remote Control (Optional)
Install Way Fixed on the 19" Rack, Through the Fixed Hole