50",XGA,LED Light Source

DLP® is a technology created by Texas Instruments and stands for its Digital Light Processing technology. With its consistent performance, it has become the industry-standard display technology.

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DLP rear projection display unit, is well known as industry-leading technology in china, adopts new and advanced module design that can simplify the installation and routine maintenance of video wall, add display unit or other accessories freely according to your actual needs. It is designed especially for application for 7×24 hrs with a long lifespan. Besides, It also can provide the best solution for almost all environments including for conference rooms, control rooms, monitoring centers, commanding and dispatching centers, etc.

Screen(MD Pro Screen) Screen Diagonal 50"
Image Area 1016×762mm
On-screen Brightness (Theoretical) 548.9cd/m²
Viewing Angle 170º(H),150º(V)
Half Gain Angles 28º(H)/10º(V)
Physical Gap ≤0.2mm
Light Source Type LED
Estimated Life 60000hrs
Color Temperature 3200K/6500K/7500K/9300K
Engine Display Technology 0.7" 12ºXGA
Native Resolution 1024×768(XGA)
Working Resolution 640×480@60Hz∼1920×1200@60Hz
Scanning Frequence Horizontal:15-120KHz;Vertical: 25-120Hz
Brightness 650ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio 100000:1(Dynamic)
Working Conditions Maximum Consumption 255W
Power AC 100V-240V@50/60Hz
Operating 5-35ºC
Operating Humidity 20-80%RH(Non-condensing)

Airtight Aluminum Dust-Proof

The light engine is covered with aluminum alloy case,and using the professional silicone gasket to seal each gap precisely to ensure completely dustproof effect.It can not only protect,but also extend the service life bulb.

Environment friendly

All TRIOLION products are in line with the world's most stringent environmental regulations such as:

  1. ROHS Toxic Substances Control States
  2. WEEE Rocycling Requirements

Intelligent Image adjustment

Built-in intelligent image sensor for adjusting brightness and colors automatically ensure the uniformity of the each screen.It is effective and efficient when bulb replacing and regular main- tenance to save time and efforts at least 70%.

Dual CPU Design

Dual CPU design,one is for image processing,and the other one is for function controlled,operating dep- andently to make all system has fast and stable response.Also,under this design make color and brightenss auto adjustment more effectively.


Equipped with the advance 3-color LED
light diode,a light source is composed of sdiode,
when a failure happened,the rest of the LED diode
still work well. We call this as Full Backup or Redundancy.

Superior Low Noise Design

The professional fan followed our cooling system design to provide powerful wind for radiating,and only create 35dB low noise when operating which provide better friendly working environment.

Outstanding Performance

LED light source has features with light-weight,energy-saving,high luminous efficiency,and long service life which can be used continuously for up to 60,000hours,and
is 200% brightness than a traditional bulb.

  Simple control unit Standard control unit Full control unit
Signal Input DVI(DVI-I) DVI/VGAx2 (DVI-I) DVI/VGAx2 (DVI-I)
Signal Output     CVBS(BNC)
Control Input RS232(D-Sub 9) RS232(D-Sub 9) RS232(D-Sub 9)
CAN Bus(D-Sub 9) RS485(D-Sub 9) RS485(D-Sub 9)
TCP/IP(J45) - TCP/IP(J45)
Infrared remote-control (3.5mm)
Control Output CAN Bus(D-Sub 9) RS485(D-Sub 9) RS485(D-Sub 9)