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Liyang City Intelligent Traffic Control Center


In Sept. 2012, Traffic Control Center of Liyang City Public Security brought in one large Digital Information Display system from TRIOLION.

This system helps the traffic police to achieve intelligent city traffic management. Real-time monitoring focusing on key junctions, roads and rivers, it achieves the traffic resource sharing, traffic information display intelligently and automatically.

This video wall system, using 6 × 10 of 46-inch super narrow bezel LCD, provides a super large display area with super high-resolution.

With high brightness, high contrast andFull HD resolution, the video wall shows an ultra-clear image. PIP, POP can be achieved on each screen; Chinese menu can be switched into English menu.

The system plays a powerful role in emergencies real-time monitoring, command and control by displaying and analyzing computer signals, network signals and camera videos. Building this intelligent display system, Liyang City Public Security meets the Chinese "Green City" requirement in the new period.

As a professional large-screen solutions provider, TRIOLION is committed to building personalized audio-visual solutions to different users, as well as the government's functional departments.

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